Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Philippians 4:8

Wouldn’t it be a relief if every citizen of the world is God-fearing and loving? I assure you, it wouldn’t be a boring place. Jokes can be clean and hilarious, Friday nights-out wouldn’t lead to a throbbing headache the next day, and there would be no criminals. Imagine a world filled with truth, honor, justice, purity, love, excellence, and praise– wouldn’t it be a happy place to live in?


The Peace That Comes With the Joy of Bonding With the Lord


Oftentimes we get too tangled up in our mess of problems that we fail to notice the unfolding of the Creator’s plan in our lives.

When we lose sight of God and focus on things other than His Word, we feel less confident, less secure– at least I do. The past few weeks have been a bit more of a struggle for me. I’ve been distracted by too many things and too many issues that I’ve failed to realize how I’ve neglected God’s voice. Spending a meager five minutes of my day with the Lord is not enough for me to actually listen to His voice. Meditating on His Word and being still before Him is the only way I can listen– take note: listennot just hear– and that requires much more than five minutes.

I have been wondering why I felt so down, not understanding why I was too preoccupied about things that, well, are not so urgent at the moment. It was only a couple of days ago that it dawned to me that I haven’t been focusing on God. My mind was littered with too many things that I have failed to find the peace that comes with the joy of bonding with the Lord. Having been in this situation led me to realize that nothing, really, can fill us with joy other than God’s love. (I don’t mean to be preachy here, but it’s the truth.) Trust me when I say how different it feels to be within the presence of the Lord. It’s too awesome for me to even put it into words.

Try spending more than a few minutes of your day with the Lord. Once you’ve tasted the peace in His presence, you’ll realize how much of life you have missed just because you are focusing on other things. God bless you! :)

Time With The Lord


It’s been a while since I went out of town for an overnight stay. I guess I’ve been living in the city wayyy too long to actually kind of “forget” what it feels like to be within the comfort of a peaceful and slow-paced life.

Thursday last week, I left Manila to go on an out of town trip with a couple and  our team of three photographers for an engagement shoot. There was a flurry of activity on the first day, and by the end of the day, we were beat. I chose to spend the night sleeping on the outdoors (aka the balcony) where there was an abundance of cold, crisp, fresh air. By 5:30AM, I woke up to blue skies and chirping birds. It’s the start of a brand new day, and I was excited to be part of the magnificent grand opening.

Seated on a balcony bed (if that’s what you call the sunbathing bed thing) on the third floor of the condo unit in Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, I took in the view– vast greenery, a beautiful lake below me with a small island right smack in the center (that looks like it came right out of the cover of a book), a long hanging bridge, tops of trees right beside me, and an exquisite sky that was half pink, half blue. Daybreak began and I quietly talked to God about my life, and about many other things. It was just like He was right beside me.

As the sun ascended, bringing with it hues of pinks and peaches and yellows, I stilled myself in the presence of my Creator, listening for His voice, waiting for His quiet reply to my many words. The experience was unlike anything I have ever felt in my entire life. It was breathtaking and calming all at the same time. You see, we hear God better when we are in a quiet place.

There really is nothing better than spending quality quiet time with the Lord in the midst of His beautiful creations. I’ve read before that nature is God’s way of telling us how much He loves us. I guess it’s true, because when we see all these, we can’t help but feel His presence and His love. We appreciate nature because it is beautiful. Nature is but a mere reflection of God’s beauty, because He is a gazillion times more beautiful than what our eyes can see.

In the next few days, I’d like to share with you some of my reflections, and some of the things I have learned with my time with the Lord. Sorry about having no photos to back up my sharing. I was too taken in, I actually failed to grab my camera and capture the beauty of it all.:(

Remember, when He speaks, we listen.

A Heavy-Heart Kind of Sadness

Sometimes, when everything seems to be bearing down on you and you feel as if all your problems are too heavy to carry, you feel this heaviness inside that you can’t explain. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason to the feeling, and it’s difficult to bring yourself to smile even if you’re the type who can smile through the rain.

People call me strong. I’m not. I’m strong because my God is. I can smile through difficult circumstances because I have a reason to– because I have a life that I know is being molded by my Creator. The thing is, I’m human, and it’s natural for humans to feel overwhelming sadness, which I am now feeling. It takes time to heal.

I don’t expect to recover from this heaviness quickly, but I know I can be strong in this because I have a Big God who is bigger than all my problems combined. :)